Chandni Whitening Cream
Chandni Whitening Cream

Chandni Whitening Cream


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Removes wrinkles *Remove Dark Spots Chandni Whitening Cream 100% Genuine Original Pakistan Top Brand. Chandni Whitening Cream is used to get rid of dark marks,color blotches and aging spot,dark lines associated with aging,wrinkles and laugh lines Suppose to eliminate unwanted wrinkles. Claiming it can be used as foundation cream. Slightest touch and it smears out, it is so thick. It”s moist and is available in one color only The darkness of tried looking circle around eyes,frozen bump marks,and dark shadows are also been vanished. Useful to remove surface scars,live spots and many other discoloration and sun spots also very effective as a skin lightener

  • All Day, Night Usage Cream For Daily Care, Pigmentation Removal, Anti-ageing, Skin Brightening
  • For Men, Women
  • Organic Type: Natural


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